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To Trade Forex
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Meet Joe.
Joe is a Forex trader. Like most people, Joe is also a big fan of social networking...
using it both DAY
and NIGHT.
Did you know that the average user spends:
700 minutes per month
on Facebook
257 minutes
on Instagram
170 minutes
on Twitter
23% of users check their
Facebook 5 times a day
and spend an average
of 20 minutes per visit.
Sound familiar?
If you are
like Joe and:
Enjoy being part of
an online community ?
Like Keeping up with
others and following
current trends ?
Want fresh ways to
enhance your social
networking & Forex
experience ?
Why not combine
two of your interests
into one ???
So, why
do I need it?
Easy to use.
You doesn't have to spend valuable time
learning how to use a complex trading platform.
Sirix Social has a clean interface and features
similar to those on other social networks.
You don't have to sit in isolation behind a desk
just to make trades. You can access it from
anywhere in the world, at any time via web,
mobile or tablet device.
The next Forex phenomenon.
Social trading is the
future of Forex, with millions
joining each year.
you too can take advantage of the many opportunities
Sirix Social provides.
With so much information right at your fingertips,
Experience Sirix
Ask your FX broker to offer Sirix today!
Social Trading!