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What is Copy Trader Do I have to pay for copying someone else?
If the master I follow opens a position and I copy it – do I have to close it myself? What positions can I copy from each trader?
Why can't I copy a specific trader? How do I Stop Watching a trader who is in my watchers list?
How do I Stop Copping a trader in my Copping list How do I Unlink a position?
When are positions unlinked? Why does my master get different prices than I do?

What positions can I copy from each trader?

When you copy another trader, the positions that will be copied are those that meet the following requirements:

  1. The instrument is available for trading on your platform
  2. The copy size you have chosen for this copier is valid for the instrument
  3. Enough money in your account

The instruments that meet the first two requirements are displayed before copying another trader as supported instruments.

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